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"An ingenious idea"
-  Savannah Guthrie,

"There's no business like Kyle Waring's snow business"
- Ron Mott, NBC Nightly News

"Brilliant Guy in Massachusetts is selling snow"
- Brad Tuttle, TIME Magazine
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Now Open for the 2019 Holiday Season!

We are currently accepting pre-order sales for Christmas eve. If you'd like to schedule a shipment, please contact us!

How does it work?

We hand pack natural snow into thick Styrofoam coolers.  Each box is sealed with heavy duty packing tape and packaged with a note.

Letters from the North pole are available upon request :)

We are also able to sign your name and write a personal note.  

All of our shipments are sent Overnight Priority with FedEx and arrive within 12-18hrs, guaranteeing you'll have snow on arrival in all 50 states.

Each order receives a tracking number and an estimated time of arrival!

100% Natural Snow Guaranteed on arrival

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this real?

Yes, of course. Your snow is 100% guaranteed to arrive as snow anywhere in the United States!

What should I do when I receive the package?

Make a snowman... 

or throw an epic Snowball fight! 

We've shipped over 15,000 lbs of Snow to 42 different states!

We've perfected the art of shipping snow.  We've literally shipped TONS of snow.  

Through various experiments, we've figured out the most effective packaging & shipping techniques.

Our Styrofoam coolers are commercial grade packages, trusted by the largest Fish shipping businesses in the world.  Thick walls and 1-piece design ensures that your snow is protected in transit.

We make it possible for you to enjoy a snowball fight or build your own snowman in 90 degree weather!

Throughout the winter season we source our snow from Vermont, Colorado and of course... historic Massachusetts. 

 Have questions?  Visit our FAQs page to learn more about our snow products


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