Snowman in a Box

  • Snowman in a Box

Snowman in a Box

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  • We Guarantee Snow on Arrival - 100% of the time

    We are now accepting orders for the 2018 winter season! 

    We'll start shipping as soon as we have snow in Vermont.

    Please schedule your shipment with us:

    Literally -- the coolest -- gift this season!

    Gift a memorable experience this year by shipping your friends & family a cooler full of snow.

    Our Sizes:

    Small - 15" x 13" x 12" weighing 10lbs

    Medium - 16" x16" x 16" - 20lbs

    Large - 29" x 19" x 17" and weighs 50 lbs! 

    In other words, a serious blizzard in a box!

    Create a snowman using our ice cool Snowman kit

    Now including: Top hat, Felt Scarf, Nose & Googly Eyes!

    This product is 100% natural snow collected in the mountains of Northern Vermont.  

    We hand pack each box with as much snow as we possibly can.  Then, we use heavy tape to seal the box airtight. 

    We guarantee your snow will arrive as snow.


    Shipping Info

    Your snow is shipped as fast as possible (in the Air) -- Overnight with FedEx Express.

    Please start the checkout process and get a real time shipping rate for your destination.

    Tracking Information

    Once you've confirmed your order, you'll receive a tracking number and updates throughout the shipping process.

    Additional Information

    Prices fluctuate throughout the season depending on where we are collecting and shipping snow from.

    Please contact us if you have any questions about your order or if you would like to schedule a delivery date or time.