Snowman Kit

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  • Snowman Kit

Snowman Kit

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Price includes Overnight Priority Shipping!

  • We Guarantee Snow on Arrival - 100% of the time

    Prices include Overnight shipping (that's why it's so expensive)

    2021 Update!

    1/20 - We have very limited supplies this winter, please bookmark this page or email us ( to join our waitlist

    This year we are operating differently due to the pandemic. 

    All snow shipments will be delivered the Week of December 21st through the 24th.  We unfortunately can't guarantee your Christmas eve delivery, but we'll try our best!

    As with every year, we're highly dependent on snow arriving in Vermont naturally.  As the weather forecast comes in, we'll communicate updates to your order.  We appreciate your flexibility!

    We'll confirm your order via email and will schedule your estimated delivery date.

    Literally -- the coolest -- gift any season!

    Gift a memorable experience this year by shipping your friends & family a snowman kit with real snow!

    Snowman kit includes:

    - Top hat

    - Felt Scarf

    - Googly Eyes

    - Carrot Nose

    Our Sizes:

    Small - 15" x 13" x 12" weighing 10lbs

    Medium - 16" x16" x 16" - 20lbs

    Large - 29" x 19" x 17" and weighs 50 lbs! 

    In other words, a serious blizzard in a box!

    Create a snowman using our ice cool Snowman kit

    This product is 100% natural snow collected in the mountains of Northern Vermont.  

    We hand pack each box with as much snow as we possibly can.  Then, we use heavy tape to seal the box airtight. 

    We guarantee your snow will arrive as snow 100% of the time.

    Note: Our prices fluctuate throughout the season based on our inventory and available snow!

    Shipping Info

    Your snow is shipped as fast as possible Overnight with FedEx Express.

    We're literally -- FLYING -- the snow to you.

    Each cooler is hand packed & sealed airtight.  We use industrial strength tape to seal the cooler shut.

    Tracking Information

    Once you've confirmed your order, you'll receive a tracking number and updates throughout the shipping process.

    Customer Reviews

    Everything was perfect! thank you once again, everyone had a great time playing with the snow.  Priceless memories... We can't wait to order some for our neighbors!

    - Cindy W. from Texas

    Great service, I honestly didn't think this was real at first, but you guys came through and delivered on your promise! Thanks for making it easy.

    - Jeffrey S. from California

    I ordered snow for my parents that moved to Arizona and miss the winter. They absolutely loved the snow and still talk about it a year later. Thanks for including the custom snowman hat!

    - Sharon H. from Vermont

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