Last Updated: December 3rd, 2022

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Can you schedule a specific delivery date?

This year we're packing boxes of snow to ship out SAME DAY as the snowfall! 

This means that our deliveries are 100% dependent on natural snow... so we keep a pretty close eye on the forecast.

We'll work with you 1 on 1 to make sure your delivery is easy & convenient for you or your recipients.

Based on FedEx delivery services, we unfortunately can only deliver Tuesday through Saturday. 

That means no deliveries Sunday's, Monday's or directly on Holidays (FedEx is closed).  

Is this real?  Yes.

How does it work?

We hand pack natural snow into thick Styrofoam coolers.  Each cooler is a 1 piece design that prevents your snow from melting in transit -- hooray!

These same coolers are used by some of the largest fish shipping enterprises in the world... we take pride in sourcing our supplies from some of the best manufacturers in the business.

Each box is carefully packed with snow, and sealed with heavy duty packing tape to prevent airflow from getting into your box o' snow.

Once packed, we'll ship directly to you, your family, or friends via FedEx Express - which delivers in 12-20hrs.

Shipping information

You'll receive a tracking number and estimated time of arrival ~1 day before your snow arrives.

For Overnight Priority orders (Saturday deliveries) estimated time of arrival is 10:30am or Noon on the East coast, and by 3pm or 5pm West coast.

Yes, we do ship to Hawaii too... and guarantee deliveries on most remote Islands... please contact to verify ship-to addresses.

We ship snow from Colorado, Vermont or from our headquarters in historic Boston, MA!

100% Natural Snow Guaranteed on arrival

How much snow is packed into the cooler?

This snowman + the snow to the right is our "small" 10+ lbs box... 

Is there a Refund Policy?

Yes there is!

If your package is delivered, but has been delayed in transit by FedEx causing your snow to melt, we will resend an additional shipment free of charge OR refund your order.

All shipments that arrive in 20hrs (overnight) from departure are non-refundable.

Disclaimer: Your box of snow will melt eventually!  It's real snow!

How long will it take the snow to melt?

When the snow arrives, it'll be 10-15% melted.

The remaining snow will last several hours depending on how long the snow has been traveling and how much air exposure it has.

Will the snow melt in transit?

The Styrofoam container keeps the snow insulated while it makes its way to you, but you should expect slight amounts of melt. 

All of our shipments are sent FedEx Overnight Priority

To further ensure your shipment is preserved in transit, we drop off with FedEx directly at their warehouse and not left in the heat to melt. 

Contact us if you are interested in early morning (Overnight First) deliveries.  These are exceptionally fast deliveries, often guaranteed by 10:30am anywhere in the US and costs roughly +$100.


By the time it arrives at your door, it's the perfect snowball snow ready to pack.

We work with each and every customer to make sure you're 100% happy with your snow!

Please do not eat the Snow!

This snow is intended to be used for snowballs, snowmen and other play time activities. Have fun and watch your children playing with this snow.
We do not recommend this product for kids under 2 years old.

What should I do when I receive the package?

Once your snow arrives open it as soon as you can and enjoy a slice of winter!  

If you would like to wait to open your box, put it in a COOL place like your basement.

Your snow doesn't like the sun.  

DO NOT put it into the freezer as this will turn your snow into a block of ice.  Ice isn't fun to play with.

Best if used within 8 hours of receiving the package!

Order a box of Natural Snow today, now shipping!

Do you ship internationally?

No, we are not shipping internationally this year.  We simply can't guarantee the shipment will get there in time before the snow melts.